Authentication and Appraisal Services

Given the wealth of artwork misattributed to Elmyr by mistake or design, I feel compelled to try to set the record straight.

As Elmyr’s legally designated sole heir, and witness to the many works of art he produced during the last seven years of his life, I feel confident in my ability to identify those works I saw leave his studio or those that fit his stylistic profile. This knowledge is the product of a unique perspective I enjoyed as his personal secretary and closest friend.


I invite anyone with questions concerning the authenticity of any art work believed to be by Elmyr to Contact me


In those instances of discovery, finding something I believe to be genuinely by Elmyr, I would like to include it in a catalogue raisonné I am compiling of his fakes or those pieces in his own style.


SERVICE FEE: I charge $150 to authenticate (or disclaim) art works. This fee will include a valuation (on works I believe to be done by Elmyr) based on estimates by a certified art appraiser, which, however, convey no guarantees for insurance or sales purposes.


ASSESSMENT: Photographs vary in quality. The better the photograph of an art piece, the easier it is to view it and make the best educated assessment of its authenticity.


PROVENANCE: Please provide as detailed a history of the art work as possible. If the piece has a chain of ownership that can be traced directly to Elmyr that is an important part of the picture’s story. There are many works resting in private collections, works I would like to locate once more. Finding them is integral to fleshing out a body of art work by a talented artist.
PAYMENT METHODS: I accept PayPal, personal or certified checks drawn on US banks